KYPCK are unique in the world in both their sound and in their whole essence. The ruthless and uncompromising KYPCK - that's Kursk in the Western Alphabet - are known not only for their Russian lyrics, but also for their devastatingly heavy and melancholy yet catchy music.

The experienced, strong seasoned and accomplished outfit is something out of the ordinary on stage, as well. KYPCK's live performances have been distinctive from the very beginning, including Soviet Era video projections  and peculiar instruments like bassist Ylä-Rautio's 1-stringed bass Kypcklop, and guitarist Lopakka's 6-stringer built around a genuine AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle.

KYPCK have created their own genre Doomsday Metal and broken numerous barriers on their way: The first album sang entirely in the Russian language to have been released worldwide. The lengthiest Russian tour ever by a Western band. Songs on the playlist of Russia's biggest rock radio station, who have strictly ruled out including non-Russian bands in their playlist rotation.

In 2014, the band's third album "Имена на стене" (The Names on the Wall) entered the top-10 of the official Finnish album charts. All of their albums have also been praised by critics all over the world.

KYPCK's fourth full-length, "3epo" (Zero), will be released in the early autumn of 2016. After a Finnish club tour the band is set to break one of their own records, and will tour through all of Russia from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg - in the nuclear winter.

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