The 69 Cats

The 69 Cats was born out of Jyrki 69’s musical interest towards 50’s rock’n roll, rockabilly and Elvis. After a holiday trip to Memphis, Tennessee and a visit to the legendary Sun Studios, Jyrki made up his mind about forming his own roots band. With the “coolest players in the biz”, naturally.

The line-up, all-American except for the Finnish born singer, plays heavy duty rockabilly and rock’n roll songs. Members of The 69 Cats are known to have previously played with such artists as Blondie, The Cramps, The Rockats and The 69 Eyes.

 With my gothrock-background we like to showcase material from the darker side of the alley, smirks Jyrki 69.

Until now The 69 Cats have released ”Bad Things”-EP (2013) and ”Transylvanian Tapes”-album (2014) on California based Cleopatra Records. The released material consists of covers from e.g. Elvis, Bauhaus and the Rocky Horror Picture Show - all with a modern twist.

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