Jan Stenfors, aka Nasty Suicide from Hanoi Rocks, Cheap and Nasty, and The Cherry Bombz releases new music after an almost 30-year hiatus! Stenfors has rounded up a new band from his enormously talented family circle to back him up. The name of the outfit is, quite to the point, Stenfors.

”Then it’s Gone” is the opening single from the forthcoming Family Album (early June 2022). The song is a breath-taking ode to the beauty of the never-ending nights of the brief Nordic summer, its intense but short-lived light, and to love that withstands the long, dark winter all the way to the dawn of a new spring. ”Then it’s Gone” starts off acoustically, in an almost ballad-like fashion, developing towards a more electric expression. This is classic rock at its finest, with a hook that sticks to your mind immediately:

“Shine on, the midnight sun / let it all shine on / Ride on, let your demons run / through the midnight sun / and then it’s gone”

The affectionate relationship to the cycles of life and seasons expressed in the song gets an even deeper meaning once it is viewed against the background of Jan Stenfors’ recent battle against cancer. The all-enduring creative energy of the rock legend is nothing short of awe-inspiring.Family Album will be released in the 10’th of June 2022 in digital, vinyl, and CD formats by the Helsinki-based record label Rolling Records.

"Then It's Gone" -single.

Written by Jan Stenfors

Stenfors band are:

  • Jan Stenfors - vocals & lead guitar
  • Jonatan Stenfors - rhythm guitar
  • Nisse Stenfors - bass, vocals
  • Minna Kairisalo - Stenfors - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Frej Stenfors - drums, vocals
  • Carla Stenfors - backing vocals
  • Jasmin Stenfors - backing vocals

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