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SVART RECORDS set February 28th as the international release date for KUOLEMANLAAKSO's Tulijoutsen, the highly acclaimed Finnish death-doomsters' second album and their most ambitious work to date. Produced once again by Triptykon/Dark Fortress guitarist V. Santura, KUOLEMANLAAKSO's Tulijoutsen (“The Fire Swan”) explores unconquered grounds of heaviness and pushes the band into a new level of melancholy. The 50-minute magnum opus was inspired by the grandeur of the Finnish forests, serene eeriness of the lakes, and early 1900s poetry and folklore. Thus, it was only natural for the band to live the lyrics, so to speak, and isolate themselves in a secluded location in the middle of the woods and capture the true essence of the songs on hard disk.

The first fruit of Tulijoutsen to be revealed is the alternating drifting/crushing "Tuonen tähtivyö," which can be heard in its entirety here:


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